The new sport of Alpine will have a price similar to that of the 4C


The sports of Alpine, whose development was strongly involved Caterham, will finally see the light during the coming year and we already have a price by which to orient ourselves if we intend to make with one of them. From Australia we get a estimated figures issued by the director of Renault for those places in which the market will sell for a price between 75,000 and 90,000 australian dollars.

Between to 51,000 and 61.200 euros, according to versions

This means that the Alpine AS1 Coupe production would be sold in Europe by about 51,000 to 61.200 euros, indicating that enters in the same range of prices for where they move their direct rivals. Their price did not cease to be indicative, as it depends on the taxes from each market and it may be that here we benefit from a lower cost because of the proximity of its production, however it serves to liven up the hopes of all those who are eager to give shelter to a unit in your garage.


there is No doubt that the approach of the new Alpine is very similar to that of the Alfa Romeo 4C. A sporty coupe, low weight, traction to the rear wheels, mid-engine rear and dynamic power balanced as to be a vehicle very fast and provide consumption of tourism. The Alfa Romeo 4C has a starting price from 67.700 euro, with a 1.7 engine TBi 241 CV since your last update that significantly improved its endowment. Other sports rival to the French is the nuevoPorsche 718 Cayman that your version H4 2.0 300 HP has a starting price from 58.148 euros.

the mechanics of The new Renault Alpine AS1 production is not yet confirmed 100%. The comments and rumors point with momentum toward a propeller of four cylinders 1.8-liter TCe derived from the motor that gives life to the Renault Clio RS. In this model you will increase your power up to 250 HP and combined with the change of dual-clutch EDC. A version even more radical could get to fill the range with 300 HP. What if we have clear is that according to an official publication, the Software will complete the 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.5 seconds.

Its exterior design will be very similar to the last prototype presented, the Alpine Vision Concept, which confirmed that covers 80% of your aspect of production. The AS1, name to be confirmed, will not be the only model that will form the range of the resurrected Alpine. The French brand of sports, will be shown in its windows, other models such as a convertible which would have a direct relationship with the coupe and a high performance SUV that will help to maintain a high volume of sales.