The new sports Alpine equip a new 1.8 TCe engine with up to 300 hp

The French magazine AutomotivPress has obtained very interesting information about sporting future of Alpine . It has been presented as a prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- so many interesting moments left us – but the production version could arrive in Frankfurt, or at the latest at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 . Anyway, we already know that it will employ new 1.8 TCe engine, with maximum power of 300 hp . In addition, it will mount a gearbox double clutch, maybe without a manual gearbox option. [1.99901 million]

The 1.8 TCe engine will be one of the most important of the Renault-Nissan alliance in the near future.

This direct-injection turbo engine is a new bill, and predictably, will be shared with the next-generation Renault Megane RS, which will be renovated soon. New bill, will be offered at three levels of power in the new Alpine: 250 hp, 275 hp and 300 hp . Versions of 250 hp and 275 hp differ only in terms of making electronic point, while the 300 hp engine will have a different head, larger turbo and improved cooling systems and escape. [1.99901 million]

alpine-celebration-concept-5 This suggests to us that the 300 hp engine could be used in a more radical, more focused version of the Alpine circuit. However, a difference of only 25 CV between first two steps of the Alpine possibly temporary: one of the two could quickly disappear as happened with SEAT Leon Cupra 265. The lightness is one of this Alpine keys but will not be anywhere near as light as previously thought. 300 hp version will power to weight ratio of 4.6 kg / CV . [1.99901 million]
The Alfa Romeo 4C will be lighter and faster. But also much more expensive and delicate to drive.

This means that will weigh 1,260 kg , a little more than 900 kilos of Alfa Romeo 4C, his closest rival theoretical weight. Gearbox will be an box double clutch seven relations , although it is rumored that there will be a manual gearbox also available. With these credentials, the sports of Alpine – remember, yet unnamed – could accelerate to 100 km / h in about 5-5.5 seconds, possibly with a top speed close to 250 km / h. Its price should be relatively affordable.


1.8 TCe, a very important driver for Renault-Nissan

The main novelty is that this engine 1.8 TCe is one of the most important developments of the Renault-Nissan alliance. This engine end under the hood of the Espace and Talisman, with outputs of 200 hp. It could also be the alma mater Nissan Pulsar NISMO , whose power is rumored 270 hp. This engine could also be a future replacement of the current 1.6 TCe in the Clio RS range. What is clear is that we will see this engine in very different applications in different applications.

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Source: AutomotivPress
In motor: Alpine Celebration Concept. The revival of Alpine sports is to feed the Alfa Romeo 4C! [1.99901 million]

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