The new “spygate” in the F1 that affects Mercedes and Ferrari

Arrivabene y WolffAfter the case of espionage lived in 2007, where McLaren had used technical information from the Ferrari team, now comes a new “spygate” in the Formula 1. This time it has been Mercedes who reported it to one of your engineers for an alleged theft of information he planned to Ferrari the next 2016.

engineer accused is Benjamin Hoyle, who worked in the section of engines of Mercedes. Hoyle was caught with the hands in the dough trying to steal important data to those who did not have access after announcing that he would be going to Ferrari next season. The team has reported and has so far managed to not go to Ferrari or any other team in F1 where you can bring in these valuable data.

Ferrari SF15-T (Vettel)Bloomberg has recounted the episode “Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, the engine division of Mercedes, has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Hoyle for stored sensitive files after you have notified the company their intention to join its rival, Ferrari. Hoyle attempted to take a report of the GP of Hungary, which contained data of mileage and damages relating to the Mercedes engine, including a file with the code necessary to decrypt the data of the race team.“.

Further allege that “The actions of Hoyle were calculated to destroy or seriously damage the relationship of trust that he had with Mercedes. Mr. Hoyle and potentially Ferrari have benefited from an illegal advantage“. For the time being, Ferrari has assured that does not have a contract with them to avoid being splashed, but Brackley are confident that Maranello would benefit from this it has not been discovered. A spokesman for the Italian firm ensures that you will not join the team “for now“.