The new Subaru Impreza earns TSP+ of the hands of the IIHS

Subaru Impreza TSP+

When a new model hits the market, it is following the best security standards. For this reason, and regardless of what brands communicate to their customers, there are agencies that submit themselves to these new models to the most stringent crash tests and safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or better known as the IIHS is the principal agency of the united States in terms of to check the security of the cars sold in the country, and now have passed through the hands of several new models.

The most important of the list has been the latest generation of the Subaru Impreza. The fifth generation of the compact japanese has succeeded to obtain the highest notes that the IIHS imposes in terms of security. Thanks to its modern, modular platform and is manufactured with steels of ultra high resistance has been able to get the note higher that provided by this important agency. In addition, since the firm was informed that the next generations of its models will use this same platform so they will be much safer than the current.

crash test has been subjected to the Subaru Impreza are divided into five different tests. In all of them has been able to obtain the highest score (referred to as Good). One of the elements that has allowed the japanese model to obtain this note is the system EyeSight braking autonomous emergency. The reason is that has managed to avoid head-on collisions at speeds of 19 and 40 kilometers per hour, making it the rating of outstanding. Another aspect that has been praised of the Model are its led headlights (the halogens of life have been assessed as poor).

To finish, and is an important recognition, since is the first model in the history of the IIHS in get the best score in all the tests subject. In addition, even using the seats for children continues to maintain the same level of security. All this has made him worthy of the highest recognition a Top Safety Pick+.

We are looking forward to Europe and pass by the tests performed by EuroNCAP. Surely the exceeds with best notes that the IIHS.

Source – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

Subaru Impreza WRX STI
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