The new Subaru Impreza-ready to debut in Frankfurt

The Subaru Impreza of the fifth generation is preparing its arrival on the european market and will come with a supply of engines boxer and all-wheel-drive. His debut will take place at the Frankfurt motor show 2017.

Subaru will begin marketing in Europe to the fifth generation of the Impreza. While the model had its debut last year in the Lounge of New York and is already on sale in other markets, in the coming month of September will be presented with european specifications in the framework of the Frankfurt Auto show.

new Subaru Impreza 2018 will come to Europe with the body of four as a five-door, releasing the new platform modular global japanese firm, which promises several improvements over the outgoing model. It is an architecture that improves the stiffness and thanks to a few suspensions redesigned, allowed to obtain a center of gravity lower.

In terms of its exterior design, do not expect to find major innovations in the Impreza G5, but rather an evolution of the previous generation, although with a format that is undoubtedly more modern.

On the inside the changes from the outgoing model are also few, although releases a new dashboard, infotainment system with touch screen of large dimensions.

where yes there will be many developments in the technological level, since that will have the package Eye Sight of Subaru, which brings together a number of elements of assistance to driving, such as object detection, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, warning of involuntary change lanes, braking, autonomous city etc

In mechanical terms the Subaru Impreza 2018 will remain true to the engines boxer with an offer that will include options, diesel and gasoline, in combination with the system of wheel drive that characterizes the models of the japanese firm.