The new Suzuki Baleno hit Europe in 2016



Suzuki Baleno decided to reclaim the name for its new B-segment hatchback will have its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will reach the main European markets next year.


Suzuki Baleno 2016 H ace few days we met the first official image of the new Suzuki Baleno a hatchback to will be located just above the Swift and is based on the IK-2 prototype presented at the last Geneva Motor Show.

This new product will have its world premiere under the Motor Show in Frankfurt to begin in just over 20 days, with a focus on the European market, where it will be offered as a somewhat more spacious and sophisticated alternative the Swift, which is the best selling brand in the region model. It comes with a modern aesthetic body with little more than four meters in length and a living area that promises to accommodate five occupants comfortably.

Under the hood of the new Baleno debut one new engine turbo-block 1.0 liter engine, equipped with a direct injection system, which is still its performance level is unknown.

Its official debut will take place in Frankfurt, while marketing in Europe begin in mid next year. After its launch, the Suzuki Baleno must be measured against products such as Hyundai i20 or the Skoda Fabia.



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