The new Suzuki Baleno is shown in its first preview video


The Suzuki Baleno prepares its return to the market after more than 10 years of absence. It will be based in IK-2 prototype and will have its official debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show


Suzuki-Baleno-Teaser E he last Geneva Motor Show marked the debut of the prototype IK-2. Now Suzuki announced that in the framework of next Motor Show in Frankfurt to be held in September, will be presenting their production version, for which they retrieved the historic designation Baleno and already showed first official trailer .

THE Suzuki Baleno return after more than 10 years of absence.

The new Suzuki Baleno is a hatchback five-door according to the manufacturer combines stylish design with ample interior space and new technologies. By the time the Japanese did not disclose details, but we know that in this new generation, the Baleno arises as a product will be located above the Swift , because it manages to overcome in terms of roominess and versatility, which should become a more rational option .

your body is expected to be similar to the conceptual work dimensions shown a few months ago with length about 4 meters , 1.90 meters wide and a wheelbase of 2.50 meters, which would place it in the segment B .

There are no data on what their equipment, as well as be made either mechanical offer. But the prototype we met in Geneva urged him an unprecedented BoosterJet engine block with 1.0 liter displacement, system direct fuel injection and turbo , to be offered in the Baleno will come more quickly to dealers of the brand. Besides the 1.4-liter BoosterJet could be another possibility.

The new Suzuki Baleno will be presented officially at the next Frankfurt in September, and will be where all details will be disclosed. Meanwhile one is observing the first official trailer on video.