The new Suzuki Swift 2017 loses camouflage and we will reveal your inner

Suzuki Swift 2017 - foto espía

We hunt down the new Suzuki Swift 2017 and this time with less camouflage.

Few are the months that we still have to get to know in first person the new generation of the Suzuki Swift. A model that will come loaded with new features such as well-we have been anticipating recently and that, once again, we have managed to photograph it in full test session in the south of Europe while the engineers at Suzuki took advantage of the good weather.

however, these spy photos of the Suzuki Swift 2017 here, have several attractions. In the first place, we have the fact that the test unit has been hunted by our photographers has lost the dense camouflage black who wore the model seen above and now it is left to the view new details about its forms and the part of design that we find in the production model.

although we must still be very cautious since we are dealing with a prototype, pre-production, after to be able to analyze these spy photos of the new Swift, it is evident that the design change that will be made by the guys from Suzuki will be patent. And, even though your profile, and side silhouette will be maintained with respect to the current model, some of the most notable changes we should be seeing some new optical technology LED or a new face composed by a new calender as well as air intakes larger.

Suzuki Swift 2017 - foto espía interior

Our photographers have also been able to take a look at its interior.

Leaving to one side the front and taking a look at the rear doors, as well, we anticipate, will have the handles “hidden” in the upper, just to the side of pillar C. A detail that is already used by many manufacturers. We must also remember that the new generation of the Suzuki Swift will lack a body of three doors and will only be available with five.

Another great news that we show these new spy photos of the expected Suzuki Swift 2017 is that can we take a sneaky look at the interior. This is the first time that we are shown part of the passenger compartment of the new generation of the Swift. In the first place, we realize that the air vents have radically changed their design, and now they acquire a circular shape.

on the other hand, the box of instrumentation follows a similar composition to that of the model currently available although the two large dials have a design that conveys a more sporty feel. Right in the middle, there is a color TFT screen in which to display useful information for driving. In the center console, the controls also change shape, although it will still be topped by a screen that reproduce the system of info-entertainment.

Suzuki Swift 2017 - foto espía

The new Suzuki Swift to be presented at the Paris Salon 2016 to the end of September.

In regard to subparagraph (a mechanic, not a long time ago we already anticipate some details about the engine range of the new Suzuki Swift. And is that, although still there will still be space for naturally aspirated engines, we will find new and interesting options as a engine 1.0 Boosterjet with more than 110 HP. Although, the version of access will continue to be the engine 1.2-liter 90 HP. Later the range will be completed with the arrival of the Suzuki Swift Sport, which will be situated as the most sporting and interesting.

¿When will he be presented? The new Suzuki Swift 2017 it should be ready to make her debut in society at the end of the month of September, during the Paris motor show 2016. Confirmation of this filing date, the first units would be ready to reach out to our dealers early next year or even at the end of 2016.