The new Suzuki Swift Sport is already in testing phase

Suzuki Swift Sport camufladoThe generation jump of the Suzuki Swift is already almost ready, in fact, is expected to debut publicly at the end of next month during the celebration of the Paris motor show, while the start of your marketing reach, or at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

For the version more spicy, the Suzuki Swift Sport, we’ll have to wait a little longer, but the personal brand is already doing the finishing touches. A good proof of this are the images that we see in this publication, where mule tests of the Swift Sport has been “hunted” by a road and curve with the body, camouflaged almost completely.

in Spite of the camouflage of the body, it is possible to differentiate the most characteristic features of the sport version, as are the bumpers of larger size, the lowest distance to the ground, wheels of sporty design with a profile content and, as no, two generous exhaust outlets that are located in the lower corners of the rear.

Suzuki Swift Sport camufladoversion Sport current boasts of offering a lot for little, that is to say, it has a great equipment and good driving sensations that make a car very fun for a price quite content. Level mechanic used an engine 1.6-liter petrol that makes 136 horsepower. This power combined with their low weight of just over 1,100 kilograms allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8,7 seconds, while their small size will provide high agility in twisty.

however, it is expected that the new Suzuki Swift Sport leaves the block 1.6 of intake air in favor of a engine 1.4 with supercharging by turbo. Surely you will not win many horses in the high part of the rev counter, but thanks to the turbo yes you will get a higher torque motor that make it more usable throughout the rev range.

let’s Hope that the future Swift Sport hold all of the sportsmanship and feelings of the previous editions and that its price does not rise excessively, since, as we discussed above, are the strong points of the model.

Images – Motor1

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