The new Suzuki Vitara 2016 reaches Mexico


Suzuki went on sale in Mexico to the fourth generation Vitara SUV. It uses a 1.6-liter engine with 118 hp, 4×4 wheel drive and CVT automatic transmission, and a comprehensive safety equipment standard.


Suzuki-Vitara-2016 E he new Suzuki Vitara 2016 lands on the Mexican market. It is the fourth generation of Japanese SUV, which in this new release neglects its aesthetic offroad, to result in a compact more citadino aspect ratio of crossover .

has a body 4.17 meters in length , which is provided unitedly with five doors and a load capacity of 375 liters, which is located between the S-Cross and Grand Vitara . Visually, it stands out for its Multiple customization options exterior, even allow you to combine the roof and mirrors in a contrasting tone with the rest of the body. But the options do not end there, since Suzuki promises up to 60 diferències possibilities , which also cover alloy wheels, moldings and inserts and interior customization packages Urban and Rugged.

Suzuki-Vitara-2 In the mechanical, the new Suzuki Vitara is offered in Mexico with a block of 1.6 liters engine, which produces 118 horsepower . The propellant can be associated to both a five-speed manual transmission and a CVT continuously variable automatic, which uses the most equipped versions paddles behind the steering wheel to drive manually. It is offered in both versions of front-wheel-drive as well as 4 × 4 to which the brand called ALLGRIP .

The range for 2016 Suzuki Vitara Mexico is articulated around two finishes called GLS and GLX. The list of optional equipment is extensive, but highlights seven airbags , EBD brakes with ABS and electronic stability control ESP as standard features.

also has LED daytime running lights , automatic lights, seats and backup camera and leather-covered multifunction steering wheel automatic climate control access system and keyless start , glass ceiling large, infotainment system with 7 inch touch screen compatible with Apple carplay and Mirror Link function, among the most notable.

After arriving in Mexico, the 2016 Suzuki Vitara should be measured against the likes of Honda HR-V, Chevrolet Traxy Nissan Juke , among others. Its price starts at just below 265,000 pesos for version with more basic finish and manual gearbox.

The suggested prices for Mexico Suzuki Vitara 2016 are as follows:

  • Suzuki Vitara Manual GLS 264,900 pesos ($ 15,880)
  • Suzuki Vitara Aut GLS 284,900 pesos ($ 17,079)
  • GLX Suzuki Vitara Aut 329,900 pesos ($ 19,777)
  • GLX Suzuki Vitara Aut All-Grip 349,900 pesos ($ 20,976)




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