The new Tesla Model 3 is already here

The model more accessible Tesla is already official, thanks to the diffusion of the first images and information. you will have an entry price of $ 35,000 and a range of 346 miles with a single recharge.

Tesla-Model-3-01Finally, the Tesla Model 3 is already official, after having been filed today in the united States. Will hit the market in 2017, with the intentions of becoming the most successful of the signature of Elon Musk, thanks to his character more accessible, that could be the scope of a spectrum wider audience.

The new Tesla Model 3 will be the model more accessible product portfolio of tesla, with a price of entry in the united States will be located in the $ 35,000, almost half of the 61.900 dollars that must be paid for a Tesla Model S, a price that puts it in tune with the Chevy Volt, which starts at around $ 33,000.

The Model 3 is fast and at the same time promises an autonomy of 346 Km with a single recharge.

will Have a powerful engine that will allow you to achieve an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in around six seconds and will have a range of 346 miles with a single recharge. In aesthetic terms his body is presented with clean lines, with a front which highlights the absence of a grill and an interior that one perceives the absence of all kinds of buttons and dashboard, as everything is controlled through a huge central screen in the format of a tablet, although in this case, horizontal format.

The brand ensures that in just 24 hours they have already received 115,000 of orders reserve Model 3, for which customers of united States had to make a deposit of $ 1,000 and the european customers eur 1,000.