The new Toyota Auris could be the next member of the family, GRMN

The japanese firm is going through a new phase in which the sports models have taken on greater relevance. The range GRMN will be enriched in the future with new models and the new Auris is one of the candidates.

Orne of the novelties that the japanese manufacturer led to the Geneva Auto show in march 2018 is the new generation of the Toyota Auris, which introduces a new platform and comes full of innovations on a technological level.

But without a doubt the main innovation of Toyota in that sita automotive has been the new generation of Supra, that dress with the colors of the Gazoo Racing he made his debut as a prototype at Geneva, as a preview of the production model that is due to arrive shortly on the market.

The manufacturer asian boy is living a new stage, in which are giving more importance to the sports models and resorting to a design that is more aggressive for some of their vehicles.

a few months Ago I debuted the Toyota Yaris GRMN, the variant most radical model and we know that in a little time more will arrive in the mercdo the new Supra, so that it is worth asking if there is a place for a possible Auris court sports.

If ben a Toyota Auris GRMN does not figure officially in the plans of the company, there are those who and speculate with a possible variant sports of this compact, that you just brand-new generation.

Of time the new Auris will be available with an engine range composed by several alternatives gasoline, as this generational shift has marked the final point of the diesel engines that no longer form most part of the range. Among them, the interested parties may opt for a 1.2-liter version of access, a 1.8-liter 122 HP, or a 2.0-liter that develops 180 HP of power as option more prestacional.

That power could be to develop a version signed by GRMN is still an open question, although it would be strange to think that the model could overcome the 250 CV. To the expected to the Toyota Auris GRMN to become a reality, the customers may opt for the Yaris GRMN with their negligible 212 HP.