The new Toyota Prius debuts a climate control capable of detecting if you are travelling alone or accompanied

why the air diffusers of the climate control of our car continue to emit cooled air, or heated, in the position of the companion, even when we travel alone? Honestly it’s a question that many of us have done, especially when we want to direct all the air towards us, as drivers, and close the diffusers of the companion, a maneuver that requires – as a minimum – that we have stopped the car. What if our car automatically knew if you travel accompanied, or even if you are traveling somebody in the rear seats, to direct the air from the diffusers only to occupied squares? The new Toyota Prius will count with a system able to achieve this, close the diffusers automatically in those squares that are not occupied.

There are two reasons why we would like only to issue air diffusers occupied squares. The first, that the flow of air in the occupied squares is greater, something that generally is not needed with a good air conditioning equipment. The second, and the most important thing in a hybrid such as the Toyota Prius, the preservation of the efficiency. The optimization in the use of a system susceptible to influence our consumption, as is the climate control, it is essential for a vehicle that promises a consumption approved of 3.0 liters/100 kilometers, and actual numbers are close to that approval, to achieve its objective.

The solution employed by Toyota is extremely simple, and it would be perfectly applicable to any modern tourism. The air-conditioning system would be synchronized with the same sensors that detect the seat belt use, and would be able to regulate the air flow in function of passengers.

This technology is not new in the automotive industry, nor the Toyota group. Lexus has already worked a lot in the coming years to improve the efficiency, and the good performance of their air conditioning systems. Air conditioners S-FLOW (that is the name that has chosen Toyota for them) have been used for years in the range Lexus. Recently we have also had testing solutions are also very interesting, as the air conditioning systems automatic seats of the new Lexus RX 450h, in which the climate control is able to adjust the intensity of the seat heated, or ventilated, depending on the cabin temperature and the temperature that you select in the air conditioning equipment.

Source: Toyota
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