The new Toyota Prius escapes early


The new generation of the Toyota Prius was spied in the United States. Its design evokes the lines present in the Toyota Mirai, though with a touch something sportier. It will debut on September 8 in Las Vegas.


Toyota Prius 2016 (Fotos espía) A the fourth generation of the Toyota Prius still lacks a few weeks for its world premiere, but a new spy photos taken while filming a promotional video in Malibu, they stopped as a result known so far sharper images.

There is no doubt that there is much Mirai style in this new Prius 2016 and that is something can be seen both in the front, and on the sides or rear sector. His body looks longer than the model it replaced and is noted for its C-pillar painted black, which gives the roof an appearance of floating rate a stylistic device in recent times looks somewhat repetitive.

Many of the visual qualities of Mirai are present in the Prius 2016.

Toyota President Toyoda Aikido ensured a time as the new Prius would take in more sporty ago, while other executives of the Japanese indicated that his style would be more passionate. We know they have been such proposals, but here we see in the spy photos, is something very similar to the appearance of Mirai result.

However, the front looks pretty aggressive with its angled design headlights well, partly evoke those of Lexus LFA . In the posterior region, despite the camouflage, we see that your headlights are upright. It remains to be seen

The Prius family has succeeded for more than a decade , with designs that have not always adjusted to what the public demanded more traditional, so a design like this may be what the model was needed. Against all odds, indicating that the Prius would take the path of more traditional design, the most successful hybrid car seems disposed to a groundbreaking aspect .

We will have to wait for his official debut, scheduled for next September 8 , as part of an event that will be held in the city of Las Vegas, in the United States.

Toyota Prius 2016 (Fotos espía)



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