The new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid will increase their autonomy thanks to the power of the sun

Toyota Prius Plug-In is the version plug-in standard hybrid world, the Toyota Prius. Also known as Toyota Prius Prime in other markets, launches in Japan a new roof solar photovoltaic. Thanks to the unlimited energy of the sun, this panel allows on the paper extend the electric range of the car by up to 10%, or at least that has passed Toyota in its press releases for your local market, with a cycle of approval different to the european, and if possible, even more benevolent.

Discharge the battery to feed the 12 volt systems of the car and on a bright sunny day might give us some kilometer.

The Toyota Prius plug-in goes one step beyond the hybrid conventional. Instead of a battery, of which as much can be pulled out 2 miles at urban speeds, it has a rechargeable battery pack of 8.8 kWh of capacity, with which it is able to cover 50 km in all-electric mode. The new roof and solar photovoltaic of the Toyota Prius Plug-In promises to extend your electrical autonomy up to 10%, assuming optimal conditions and a good time parked in the sun. In addition, support to the 12 volt systems of the car.

toyota-prius-plug-in-2016-05that Is to say, the infotainment system, the electronics or LED lighting. It is an important aid, although I see very optimistic the increase of the electrical autonomy of a 10%. The previous Toyota Prius already available option of a roof solar photovoltaic – and even the SEAT Exeo was available to him – but it only served to turn on the ventilation of the car and prevent it from becoming an oven in the sun. A feature that would be very interesting for this solar roof, would be a air conditioning remote the passenger compartment.

This sunroof has been released in Japan, but also will come to Europe when the Prius plug-in landing in these latitudes. Interestingly, will not be offered this option in the united States. To not be composed of laminated glass, does not meet the federal standards roll.

Source: autoevolution