The new Toyota Supra is a reality, first spy photos

After so many delays, comings, goings, rumours and changes of heart… Toyota Supra 2018 is a reality and is irrefutable. The japanese sports has been hunted by our photographers wearing an attractive body coupe that is still hidden after the labeling of camouflage. These images represent a tremendous relief to all that we still had nailed the spine if would have continued or not, the iconic japanese sports due to the constant rumors about his return.


the driver of The Toyota Supra greets us cordially

The new Supra is being co-developed with BMW and share several key components with the new BMW Z5 as your platform of rear wheel drive and chassis. Your offer mechanical shall consist of thrusters of four-and six-cylinder in-line turbo-charged the germans, in exchange, Toyota will provide the hybrid technology for the high-performance sports.

Both models, the Supra and the Z5 will be very different on the outside. If you look well this Supra has been heavily influenced by the prototype Toyota FT-1 Concept lengthened hood, a position too far behind the cabin, and insinuating fall from the ceiling. The front features a design very sharp both by the bumper as the headlights in contrast to the characteristic double kidney grille look more vertical which is also found in the sporty BMW.


The new Supra looks a-body coupe that reminds us of the last prototype of Toyota

Another feature even more important to separate both models: your body. It seems that Toyota will bet only for a beautiful silhouette coupe while BMW will to your Z5 as a cabrio, as in the entire range of Z, in this case with a canvas roof practicable. In this way each model has a presence in a segment distinct.

we Hope the new Toyota Supra be launched on the market after the BMW as the sporty japanese it is still a lot to finalize. Your headlights remain tentative to not reveal to even his final design, in addition in the pictures you can see the interior we find a cabin is clearly BMW that will not have space within the new Supra.