The new Toyota Yaris 2014

The new Toyota Yaris 2014 coming later this year, and we know what their design and foremost, the Japanese intended to be one of the cars most competitive segment B.

nuevo Toyota Yaris 2014

Features of the new Toyota Yaris 2014

Of new Toyota Yaris has dell 2014 must emphasize its refined exterior, better dynamics and interior with materials of high quality and in fact, this part will be strongly emphasized to be the perfect car. Comes with petrol engines and a diesel hybrid with 100 hp.

Toyota has tried just inside design language “Under Priority” (Priority Bottom) and “Keen see” (Powerful). Striking front, where the logo stands out at first glance. The nose is presented with two shared an X that provides a different and original personality areas.

Of course, its inner quality and the Japanese brand has placed great emphasis on the quality of materials used. Provides greater spaciousness and dynamics. In addition, there are now many more options and Toyota offers a wide range of colors and equipment.

On the back you can see some changes, such as taillights now incorporate a LED technology and added a diffuser at the bottom.

As mechanics of the new Toyota Yaris 2014 applies, selection of hybrid engine (Yaris Hybrid 2014) with technology “Full Hybrid” and 100 hp. So a new suspension are also fitted better comfort and passage through the curve, with reduced noise and relaxed driving.

No new products engine and found in gasoline Yaris Yaris 70 and 100, with 1.0 and 1.3 liters, respectively; We Yaris diesel 90D, riding a propeller 1.4 D-4D. While Yaris Hybrid is available hybrid with 100 hp. The launch of the new Toyota Yaris 2014 in Spain is scheduled for the last quarter of the year.

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