The new trailer for Project CARS 2 reveals to us that he is prepared for the E3 2017

Project CARS 2

The new trailer for Project CARS 2 prepares us for his debut in the E3 2017.

Everything is prepared to the E3 2017. The new edition of “Electronic Entertainment Expo” starts next Tuesday 13 of June and will end on Friday, may 16. This is the event par excellence in the world that developers and companies announce upcoming new features that will arrive on the market. The conferences of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the more attention they get all year.

Within the genre of video games driving there will be news very important. One of them is Project CARS 2. The second edition of the popular title developed by Slightly Mad Studios will not be lost so important appointment, and proof of this is the new trailer that has been revealed. In a little less than two minutes long, shows us the importance of the world of competition in the game.

During its presentation at E3 2017 we will be able to see the first demo to the public. We show some of the game modes that will be present. The career mode will have a focus type “sandbox” in which we will be able to go from one place to another on the map with the goal of pursuing our dreams in the world of motorsport. We will be able to choose from nine different disciplines.

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 comes to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Will be available by the end of 2017.

Will be more focused on the world of competition (electronic sports) with respect to its predecessor. It is for this reason that the multiplayer mode and online will have a greater role. Will be many options available. In Project CARS 2 find more than 60 circuits and a list of cars close to the 170 models. From cars to supercars passing by pick-ups.

these figures will increase considerably with the content DLC that will be on sale once the game is already in the market. On the other hand and not less important, has confirmed the release date of Project CARS 2. Will be available in stores all over the world on the 22nd of September. Can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 PC.

Next to Project CARS 2, it is expected that during the E3 2017 also there are new developments with regard to Need for Speed Payback and Gran Turismo Sport, other driving games most anticipated for this year.

Trailer “The Soul of Motorsport” Project CARS 2.