The new TV show Clarkson, Hammond and May be called ‘Gear Knobs’


Former presenters of Top Gear are increasingly closer to return to the screen, this time via Amazon Prime. Gear Knobs would say the name chosen for his return to television.


Gear-Knobs-Clarkson-Amazon H ace few knew the trio of former presenters of Top Gear already have an agreement with Amazon for a new television show. Since that time many are wondering which would be the name this new show, considering that BBC is what keeps the rights to the name that brought fame .

However, these days it became known by people involved in the project that the show could take as name ‘Gear Knobs’ Yea, which is the name in English is called the gearshift and in some remits the original name. According to citing the site Buzzfeed would also have registered a new name for The Stig , that in the new TV show would be called Speedbird.

Obviously, there are no guarantees that ‘Gear Knobs’ is the name of the new show, but considering the relationship with the name of the previous show, the odds are high so be it.

Amazon is betting heavily on this new stage, the point of having paid $ 250 million for three seasons of 12 episodes each, and that budget only Clarkson receive 15 million a year.



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