The new Volkswagen Golf is passed to the digital dashboard and the gestural control

Volkswagen Golf cuadro de mandos digital y control gestual CES in Las Vegas or Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the halls of consumer electronics more important at the international level. Volkswagen knows very well that the technology used on board of their cars can perfectly be there, plus when you sell a product that resembles more and more a smartphone. It will be there when, the first week of January, we know very probably a new Volkswagen Golf with a digital dashboard and gestural control for the multimedia system.

These two technologies are not new in Volkswagen, in fact, the digital box has already been selling time in the Volkswagen Passat. For its part, the gestural control is introduced precisely a year ago on the same stage in a prototype of Golf where the tactile and gestural, were their main arguments. Now you can make it a reality in commercial format.

video that we show today is not what launched the brand, but it has been filtered for its presentation at CES 2016. In him we see a Volkswagen Golf is something renewed that could indicate that we are facing a next update of the compact where this technology is its main novelty. Of face-to-2016 should be available in the dealerships.

The video shows us a new digital display for the dashboard very similar to the new Passat or the new Tiguan. It is a screen that allows you to customize the information presented on a format larger or smaller than the data desired by the driver. For example, we can display the browser on the screen leaving on a plane the less the speedometer and the cuentavueltas.

For its part, the multimedia system comes with a newly renovated design even flatter and with a screen even bigger. Until now the multi-media system with larger screen is 8 inches. But the novelty is focused on the gestural control, a control that allows using movements of the hand to change songs or images passing by.