The new Volvo XC40 is lets see on video

A first promotional video invites you to learn the new Volvo XC40 in greater depth. It is the smallest of the family of crossovers from Volvo, which features an exterior design similar to its older brothers.

Andl smallest of the crossovers from Volvo was introduced some weeks ago and its arrival to the market will take place in the coming months. This is the Volvo XC40., a new alternative within a segment, until now dominated by the premium brand German models such as the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or Audi Q3.

After hearing of the first images and official information, the Swedish brand has made available a first promotional video which invites you to get to know this new crossover in more depth. The new XC40 has 4.4 meters in length and is based on the new platform compact modular CMA Volvo, an architecture shared with the brand Geely.

If we talk about mechanics, the compact crossover will have a range of petrol engines and diesel with various power options. Among the first of the more affordable resort to a T3 with 156 HP of power, while as an intermediate alternative will be the T4 that develops a power of 190 HP.

above shall be the T5 with 247 HP of power, while in diesel customers will be able to choose between two alternatives, a D3 with a power of 150 HP, or the D5 190 HP. Later the offer will be enriched with the arrival of a version 100% power and a hybrid variant.

Some of them are combined with a change manual of six speeds, while others go in conjunction with a eight-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel drive is standard, although the total traction to the four wheels will be available next to the engines of higher power.

In terms of equipment, the new XC40 has at its disposal the latest technologies of Volvo, both in the provision of comfort and connectivity as in the assistance to the driving. Among other things, includes a detector of fatigue, pedestrian detection, braking of the autonomous city warning of involuntary change of lane, adaptive cruise control, detection of objects in blind spot, camera of vision to 360 degrees, rear view camera, keyless access, start button, heated seats, automatic air conditioning bi-zone, LED headlights etc