The next Alfa Romeo Giulietta could be rear-wheel drive

Recreación del próximo Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Recreation of the next Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Begin to arise rumors about the future Alfa Romeo Giulietta. In this year we have seen as it was presented the Giulia and now plans for the future of the Italian brand they aim to a SUV and the new generation of the compact. It also could come with a very interesting and exciting development, as it would be looking to enter the rear wheel drive in the Giulietta.

Everything pointed to the new generation of the compact would receive strong influences of the recently introduced saloon. Since we check as it could be inheriting their features aesthetic, but it seems that the thing will go beyond. In Alpha want to to give higher output to the platform of the Giulia and the solution we have is to adapt it and use it on the new Giulietta.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Well stated Alberto Dillilo, chief designer of the Group FCA, which said that the compact will be based on a “reduced version of the platform of the Giulia”. As soon as they asked the executive if the Giulietta could also inherit the rear-wheel drive, the latter answered: “technically it is possible“. It is not something far-fetched bearing in mind that other models rivals like the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series already provide that setting in its range.

The rear-wheel-drive of the Giulietta would come at an opportune time that you would like an option unique in the market. Currently the BMW 1-Series is unique in that it offers a series of traction in the rear. And it seems that for a short time, because it is likely that adopt the front-wheel-drive in the new generation due to a platform change, as already happened with the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

there is Still the doubt if the next Giulietta will also be the awd for powerful versions. In any case it would be a good opportunity to position itself as a compact cutting sports. The engines still have not given details, but there is talk of diesel and petrol engines four-cylinder with power ratings between 110 and 330 horses.

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