The next Alpine debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans


The 24 Hours of Le Mans has been the setting pro Renault for the debut of a new prototype Alpine ensuring be faithful to the model that hit the market in 2017 .


Renault-Alpine-a110-1 E he first production model series new era Alpine is every day closer and finally Renault displayed a prototype under The 24 Hours of Le Mans starting next June 13.

This is a conceptual work that shows The final model will look like with which the French brand back to life after decades of absence in the market. But Renault has decided not to provide any details about the new model, for which it must wait for his debut under the emblematic La Sarthe circuit , although we imagine that as the filing date approaches, they will know some photographic advances.

The first model in the new era of Alpine arrival at production speeds.

It is stipulated that production start towards the end of next year , while its commercial launch will occur well into 2017.

Renault a target output of around 3000 units per year , with a product that will try to carry the flagship brand to the very top, competing against sports like Porsche Cayman it arises or Alfa Romeo 4C , among others.

This new product comes after the first project developed with Caterham failed. It was the Alpine A110-50 Concept, a sports car that ensures drastically change its design to give birth to a new product, and without the participation of Caterham.

Nothing has been said yet about his mechanics, which is not certain to keep the V6 engine of 400 horses force he used the first of concept cars presented makes a couple of years ago.





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