The next Audi A3 will be saying goodbye to the three-door body

The German firm has confirmed that the next generation of the Audi A3 no longer be offered with three-door body. The model will arrive to the market in 2019, just under the format Sportback with five charms.

Andn the past few years have already been several models that have been fired from the three-door body, such is the case of the Renault Clio, SEAT Ibiza, Suzuki Swift or Volkswagen Polo.

this is Not a whimsical decision, but one that is directly related to the reality: to all of them like three doors, but almost nobody buys them and the sales for that type of body do not stop falling, with the exception of some urban, some of them even only offered under that format as the Fiat 500.

Now has been the Audi which has confirmed that there will no longer be an A3 three-door when you arrive your generational renewal in 2019. The hatchback German will arrive initially with only the body Sortback five-door, to which later he will join a variant sedan, a typical tourist with the body of three volumes.

The Audi A3 celebrates its 20 years of life

But in addition the German firm thinks a new format for the body that it could come to enrich the range of the Audi A3, as an alternative format that is more dynamic. It is a “liftback” five-door that would be inspired in the A5 Sportback and in line with some new models like the new Hyundai i30 Fastback.

By the time the manufacturer has not confirmed that it will happen with the A3 Cabrio, a model that has not been very well and that it is unknown whether will continue beyond their current generation.

In this way the three-door body of the Audi A3 will be terminated permanently after little more than 20 years of service, a model that interestingly enough was born as a three-door in 1996, marking the return of Audi to the lower segments, after the Audi A50 to stop occur 11 years before. After three generations, more 3.6 million units of the Audi A3 have been produced.