The next Audi TT RS will choke the Nürburgring

recent Rumors (“do you Want a Audi TT more sporty? The new Audi TT RS could debut this month”) talk about the new Audi TT RS, the latest version sports the Audi TT, could debut this month, in a few days, on the occasion of the Salon of Beijing. Before the Audi TT RS it has been intimated recently by Nürburgring, although with a result not too lucky…

A tap on his behind with one of the guardarrailes been left out of combat vitaminado coupe Audi leaving us with the curious picture of the technicians of the brand covering quickly to the rough frame with some damage on the train later, and your optical.

That spoiler fixed gives you away. As will also betray their exhaust outlets. It’s easy to get a picture of the look you will have this version.

These latest rumors before mentioned, have pointed out that under the hood of this Audi TT RS we would find a new block supercharged 5 cylinders and 2.5 liters talking already of a capacity of about 400 horses that would be delivered, as could not be otherwise, the four wheels.

we must Not lose sight either that this model would be responsible of releasing the optical OLED Audi as the BMW M4 GTS has been done at BMW.

Video of the accident of the Audi TT RS at the Nürburgring: