The next big improvement of the Renault engine will not come up 2017


account with more tokens than the rest of the riders in the Formula 1:
21. In contrast, Mercedes, Honda and Ferrari still have eleven, ten and
three respectively. But, unlike its rivals, the brand
French has no intention of repeating what he did in the first Great
Award of the season and, later, in Monaco, ensuring that
will not be until the first race of 2017 it will introduce a great
evolution in its propellant.

confirmed Remi Taffin on statements gathered by Autosport,
in which he says that “will be the next year, the big step
we will have next year, (at the) first race. Until
we come to the end of the season, we will work on the specification
that we have now, trying to extract the most out of it. But not
there will be more big steps like we had in the first race and
in the sixth”
, stated the Technical Director of the department of
engine of Renault F1.

satisfied with the progress made this season, but
is very clear that much remains to be done yet. “we can Now see
the improvement on the track and everything that we’ve brought the factory to the
track has worked well. It is a good step forward. Is working
well, we’re on it, but we still have a good stretch

it should be ruled that Renault use one of their tokens on that
remainder of the season, but in any case it will be the 21 of that
currently available.