The next BMW 3 Series will be manufactured in Mexico in 2019

BMW Serie 3 MéxicoBMW has already begun to build your new factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This installation will involve an investment of one billion dollars and become a site fully functional, as will body shop, paint shop and assembly line. Its activity will begin in the year 2019, when it will begin production of the next BMW 3 Series.

, The saloon, which celebrates 40 years and has been the best-selling model in the history of the brand, has been chosen to begin the journey of the new mexican plant. When it is operating at full capacity, San Luis Potosi will have a annual production of 150,000 units. The plant in Rosslyn (south Africa), which until now was in charge of the 3 Series, will produce the next BMW X3.

BMW Serie 3 MéxicoThe new factory mexican will be the center of production of BMW more energy efficient at the global level. The majority of the electricity you use is generated by solar panels. Also get a less water consumption per vehicle, as his painting workshop will use recycled water. To build the plant, BMW is using advanced techniques as digital construction plans in 3D.

keys to place the new factory in San Luis Potosí have been his wide network of suppliers, as well as the local workforce qualified. It is estimated that it will create some to 1,500 jobs thanks to this plant. As for the new BMW 3 Series, it is still early to talk, because no details. We will be attentive to when you get more information of the new saloon.

Source – BMW

BMW Serie 3 México
BMW Serie 3 México
BMW Serie 3 México

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