The next BMW 4 Series Convertible can have a soft top


The latest generations of BMW 3 Series Convertible and now BMW Series 4 Cabrio have opted for a folding metal roof, the first safer to “funny” instance make some ugly looking your hood and with better insulation, without losing sight also, since the ceiling, their image is really close to the coupe. Well, the trend we have seen in recent models could be reversed, returning to employ in the next BMW 4 Series Convertible one canvas roof .

The BMW 4 Series Convertible has a starting price of 47,300 euros in Spain

From Bimmer Today warn of this possible move, a logical move when you consider that BMW Series 2 Convertible and the BMW 6 Series Convertible already use a soft top and also make it an excellent, totally blameless, isolation .

Of course we can not lose sight of the more weight content not offered by this type of roofs or simplicity, and this as a function of taste, aesthetics.

According to the above means the decision would already have been taken, but of course, we can not lose sight of separates us still a long way until the arrival of this new generation of BMW Series 4 Cabrio bearing in mind that self BMW 3 Series is still at half of full life cycle as well took care to show the arrival of their facelift.

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