The next Chevrolet Corvette will have a new V8 engine

Chevrolet Corvette

we All know what the main points that define a great american car. Have to be big, very large by that which the united States is a huge country. Have a engine with many pots and if you are in V and air intake the better. Its inner quality is not an important element for the client and his level of technology sometimes you’re a step behind its rivals German or japanese. In addition, to finish, its dynamic behavior more than of line drawing is fucking bourgeois.

May be missing some element and in addition, may be altered or modified in function of the reader or writer, but serves us as a starting point. Following these we all know which models are more emblematic of the american market and among them is Chevrolet Corvette. This sporty integrated and at the same time detached of the range Chevrolet is a true icon in the country and the world, and soon we’ll in the streets a new generation.

Chevrolet Corvette engine

As you can see in the image above, the next generation of this american sport already is rolling with the camouflage and it is a matter of time that we have more details of the same. The most anticipated belonging to the mechanical part that will give life to this model and that could mean a revolution for the signature and the car itself.

a time, the rumor mill brought our ears information of a new mechanical DOHC system double overhead camshafts. This mechanism has not yet been confirmed by the signing but according to some internal documents, the new engine has internal code development LT5 and count with a displacement of 6.2-liter and an estimated power of 650 hp.

With the arrival of this engine the Corvette would be at the same height (in benefits and possibly consumption) that many of its rivals and will serve the brand to make it more attractive and saleable. For now, this is what little I know but as soon as we have more news I will get.

Chevrolet Corvette

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