The next electric Volkswagen will have 500 km of autonomy

Volkswagen BUDD-E concept frontalThe Volkswagen Budd-e concept anticipated in the past CES in las Vegas what the brand called a microbus of the TWENTY-first century. However, this prototype hides what is to be the online teacher, in terms of electric mobility, which will follow the German mark. The Volkswagen Budd-e opens the door to the new range of electric vehicles from Volkswagen, and taking into account the mess that has mounted the VAG Group with the emissions of its diesel engines, do not want to miss the opportunity to improve their image.

This concept car, it had an initial length of 4,60 meters, doing that if placed as a minivan, mid-way between a Touran and a Sharan. However, the approach of the model when it reaches the street will be completely different. That is what has left between see Herbert Diess it has been confirmed that the production model will have a length similar to the Golf but with a cargo space similar to the Passat.

Volkswagen Budd-e traseraThis new concept car will be presented in the next Paris motor show at the end of September, so that in no long time, we will have some teaser heating up the atmosphere. Dies, have also confirmed that although the model that is present in Paris will be a concept car, its design does not differ much from that of the production vehicle. This statement makes us understand that the design is in its final stage and in function of their hosting, Volkswagen will give the green light in brief.

we Must remember that this new model will come on the new platform MEB (Modular Electric Platform). This new architecture has been designed from scratch to accommodate in its interior to the electric vehicles of the German consortium, and therefore, it is very important to the group. In addition, as already announced, the Volkswagen Budd-e the battery of iran in a flat floor, so that the platform must have plenty of available space. Likewise, it is estimated that the autonomy of these models will be somewhere between 300 and 500 kilometers.

Both for good as for bad, the Paris motor show is just around the corner and he will be able to know the main details of this, a priori, interesting model.

Source – Volkswagen

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