The next Ford Fiesta ST could bring a three-cylinder engine turbo

Ford Fiesta ST200 Ford Fiesta ST is one of those suv’s that you can have a good time. For less than a year is between us, the Ford Fiesta ST200, a version even more powerful of this model. Although we are already talking about the next generation of the Party and more specifically, the mechanical that you could use. The latest rumors suggest that it could be a motor turbo three-cylinder and 1.0-litre.

This would be another example of the trend downsizing that we see in so many brands today. The small three-cylinder would come to replace the current engine turbo four-cylinder and 1.6-liter. Currently, the 1.0 more powerful Ford has 140 HP, but if you want to enter the next Fiesta ST would have to increase its output considerably. To be at the height of its predecessor, would have to overcome the 200 HP.

Ford Fiesta ST200Would have to be something like an evolution of the engine that is currently in stage of development in the Formula Ford. We also have some statements from Darren Palmer, head of the Ford is small in Europe. He said that “we are seeing increasingly in their development what can be done with the engine 1.0 liters and the signs are promising. Is a great engine, it sounds very good and gets a lot of torque with the turbo begins to blow”.

These qualities could be adjusted perfectly with what you are looking for in the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST. The intention is to “offer more, for what is expected better performance and efficiency“. Lately he has been working a lot on the chassis of this model, focusing the attention in your direction. The other side of the coin is that Ford has already announced that will be half the production of its four-cylinder engines in Bridgend (United Kingdom).

Source – Auto Express

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