The next-generation Honda CR-V will be larger and have 7 seats


The generational change find the next generation Honda CR-V with higher dimensions. It is also possible to adopt a configuration three rows of seats and seven seats as standard.


Honda-CR-V E l growth in the size of the body over each generational change seems to have established almost as a standard for most manufacturers. This week we learned that fifth generation Honda CR-V, scheduled to reach the market in 2017 increase its dimensions .

Honda CR-V will be the largest to differentiate the HR-V.

The news was confirmed Leon Brannan , commander in chief of the Japanese firm for the UK, recent statements expressed to the British publication Autocar.

The executive said that the idea is achieve concretely differentiate the new HR-V within the range of Honda.

Brannan also hinted that the new CR-V be offered as standard with seven seats and three rows of seats while the system of four-wheel drive. Is that the idea is also to provide more premium finish, in a bid to better compete with products such as Volvo XC60 or Land Rover Discovery Sport .

On the other hand indicated that the CR-V is a very important for Honda pillar while virtually confirming that in the UK the HR-V only be offered with simple traction, since that is what they choose most buyers within that segment.

say from Coach that the new generation of the CR-V will borrow many interior design elements HR-V especially its infotainment system equipped with touch screen perhaps to the design panel.





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