The next-generation Jeep Wrangler will use aluminum in its doors and hood

Jeep WranglerFrom a long time ago have already been getting some rumors about the new generation of the Jeep Wrangler. The legendary off-road seems to go in many aspects and the own Sergio Marchionne what is ahead a long time ago. One of these innovations will be the use of aluminum to bring down your weight. But finally it seems that not all of your body will be of this lightweight material, yes there are parts where it is used.

has revealed a employee of Alcoa, the third-largest producer of aluminium largest in the world. Thanks to the document filtering we can know with certainty that both the doors as the hood will be of this material. Specifically, it speaks of the “alloy 6022”. It is also said that technology will 951 pre-treatment bonding to the aluminum foil. To finish appears the alloy C6A1, which would be the first time that it is used in a car.

jeep-wrangler (2)After this information will be interesting to see how much get lose weight the next Jeep Wrangler with this diet. In addition to improving in this aspect, the brand has also been proposed improve your aerodynamics. Would subtle way, and without major changes to the philosophy of the off-road. The main objective is to keep your lines straight, try not to modify in excess those square shapes that made it so popular.

Another important innovation would be its mechanics. The next generation of the Wrangler could adopt a new engine turbo 2.0 four-cylinder, being the first to be used in this model. Earlier in gasoline only had the option of engines 3.6 V6 Pentastar. The new model could begin production next year and in this way to be ready for your arrival in the market in 2018.

Source – JLWranglerForums

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