The next generation of engines to McLaren, Does V6 hybrid?

McLaren 720S

McLaren has changed the mechanics used to use in their models with the new 720S. This means that now your supercar features a V8 4.0-liter that delivers a power of 720 HP. Like that you have made this change, the latest reports claim that it will but changing to a V6 supported by an electric motor, a set hybrid that would come in the new generations.

“For us, it is of the attributes. If we can get the performance, then it doesn’t matter if it is 12 or 10 or eight or six cylinders,” said Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive. “we are All enthusiasts, we would love to change manual V-12, but that is 20 years out of date. So that we are not engaged with the cylinder count, but we are very committed to the performance and the emotion”, he kept saying Flewitt to Car & Driver in an interview with this medium.

McLaren 720S

In this way, the new McLaren resort to a hybrid system formed by a motor of six cylinders in V and a mechanical electrical. This configuration is already used by some of the sports renowned, as the Honda NSX, which has shown a performance that is able to tackle many of the models more powerful than the japanese. In addition, McLaren and Honda have already worked together in Formula 1 and this could mean a stronger alliance.

The next supercar from McLaren, that model will come to resurrect the McLaren F1, possibly will use a hybrid system, a more powerful set than the McLaren P1. The sports would include a package of batteries more powerful that would lead the model to over 1,000 horsepower. Tap a madness…

Source – Carscoops