The next generation of Nissan Micra will be bigger and better interior quality


The fifth generation Nissan Micra / March arrive to market in 2016, with a style derived from Sway Concept . Will larger and improved interior quality.


Nissan-Sway L he current generation Nissan Micra suffered from bad perception of quality and finishes inside. But in a recent interview with the British publication Autocar, Trevor Mann , who serves as executive vice president of Nissan, he announced some details about the generational change that is coming. [1.99901 million]

Nissan Micra improve the quality of fifth generation.

Mann suggests that fifth generation arrive on the market next year and will do so with a style that derived directly from Nissan Sway Concept prototype presented within the last Geneva Motor Show . It is expected that the new Micra comes with larger body , while its interior space and improve livability, while add a carrier with best materials and finishes .

When asked Mann says he is convinced that has little to do with the poor quality of the interior of Micra coming to Europe is the fact that produced in India but rather it is a problem with the developers of the product. [1.99901 million]

At the same time, the executive said that with the arrival of a new Micra larger, a new hole underneath for a possible new city car Nissan opens. This move is already becoming commonplace for many brands, and that as new generations increase its dimensions, new models are added below.

The current Nissan Micra is produced in various plants around the world, among which are the Chennai to India and Aguas Calientes Mexico. In some markets it is marketed as Nissan March .





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