The next generation of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider could not reach

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Detroit Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was presented last year at the Detroit motor show 2015. In little more than a year has raised passions wherever it has gone, us included, that we tested the coupe version. Now we come a few rumors that we don’t like and who say that the 4C Spider could be left without a successor. The passionate sports convertible appears that does not sell enough to stay.

Although from the beginning it was clear that the Alfa Romeo 4C was a car of passion, and that the numbers were above yours. But in the united States the truth is that the sales figures are pretty lean. Only in a year have been sold 309 units of the 4C Spider. This means that it surpasses only by 11 units of the Dodge Viper. And as you already know, the Viper will cease production soon.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Detroittherefore there is a possibility that we do not see a next generation of the current Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Although, the rumors that reached us from the Autoline do not specify if it would affect only the version without the roof or the coupe. In any case, the date of his disappearance would be the year 2020. Although still there is nothing confirmed and you will have to wait for Alfa Romeo and the Group FCA pronounced in this topic.

If the rumors were to become a reality it would be a shame, because we would lose a very sporty purist. The 4C Spider has a roof type targa removable and a chassis monocoque carbon fiber which makes it very lightweight. Like the coupe, it uses a turbocharged engine , four-cylinder, 1.75-liter with 240 HP. Both get-speed 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 258 km/h.

Source – Autoline

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