The next generation of the Honda CR-Z scheduled for 2017


They say that is already developing the second generation Honda CR-Z with a new sportier approach. You could have a turbocharged 2.0-liter with power around 280 hp .


Honda-CR-Z E l Current Honda CR-Z failed to meet the expectations Japanese manufacturer. Its sales were not as planned, to the point that a few months ago ceased to be offered in the European market and more recently in Australia only remaining attend their sales the US market, where not to falling.

However, Honda is willing to give him another chance. Sources close to the mark indicating that the second generation of the little coupe is already in development and will an entirely different approach.

The Current CR-Z was a product that took to their base platform Fit, while the model it replaced will be based on the platform of the next generation Civic , suitably adapted to their new roles.

However wheelbase will be adjusted and was reduced by 10 centimeters , keeping the proportions of the current CR-Z virtually unchanged. Aesthetically it is expected that the new CR-Z is influenced by the NSX and Civic Type R, considering the athletic approach that Honda wants to give.

That also means that rot adopt new turbo, a somewhat less spicy variant of block 2.0-liter used in the current Type R, yielding around 280 horsepower .

Is that ensure the brand’s intentions are to offer it as the most extreme alternative Civic Coupe and that is why we can even take the name Civic CR-Z as happened in the nineties with the CR-X.

Despite its nice design, even taking the main features of the celebration Honda CR-X in the late eighties, the CR-Z never managed to convince the public, partly because of its focus, since it is a two-seater hybrid, whose qualities are difficult to define.





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