The next generation of the Lotus Elise could be ready to 2020

Lotus Elise Concept

Lotus Elise Concept

Lotus Elise is one of those sports and do not go out of fashion and are still gaining popularity over the years. Recently has been presented the Lotus Elise Cup 250, this is the model of street faster which has made the mark so far. But all indications are that it is already working on a successor. The next generation of the Elise could get to the end of the decade, some sources point to the 2020.

Jean-Marc Gales, head of Lotus, has been the one who has given that date as a reference. It has also been commissioned to make it clear that the new model will remain faithful to the style of the current. This can be interpreted as one of the main principles will be of its lightness. The next Elise could although only 900 kg. A downgrade is considerable taking into account that the Cup 250 of that we were talking about weighs 921 kg

Lotus Elise Concept

Lotus Elise Concept

in Addition to this reduction of weight has an added value taking into account the changes that will be needed. The next generation of Lotus Elise will come with quite a few modifications to comply with the strict legislation in the united States. This means that will improve your security including measures such as side airbags or additional structures that support you best in the case of an accident.

To illustrate this story we have used the Lotus Elise Concept, presented in the Paris Salon of 2010. Still not much else is known about the new model, but probably differs quite of the prototype. It was conceived as a vehicle for something larger and heavier, while the next Elise will keep the philosophy of the current. Meanwhile the brand continues to grow and has obtained benefits for the first time in the last two decades.

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