The next generation of the Nissan 370Z, apparently, still on air

Nissan 370Z Nismo

From a while ago I was listening to rumours and speculations about the next generation of the Nissan 370Z. The coupe of the firm nippon is the latest model of an ancestry which has given to the house very good returns. However, by the fall of sales in the segment and the high economic investment that is required to launch a generation of decent, the directors of Nissan does not just give the green light to the project.

The latest news were the next generation of the Nissan 370Z at the Tokyo motor show. This appointment will open its doors in October of this year, once New York would yield to the witness. However, the words of the managers of the firm that placed the 370Z in the corridor of death, it seems that they become more credible. The reason for this are the statements that he has made Ponz Pandikuthira, vice president of product planning for Nissan in Europe.

Nissan 370Z Nismo

These words were collected at the last Geneva motor show and talk about the caution that we have before the arrival on the market of the successor of the 370Z. As is logical, Pandikuthira knows perfectly what are the products that are in the first position to exit the market and what are the that are in the queue. The reason is that if Nissan wants to continue to maintain its pace of growth in sales and profits may not engage in develop models that consume resources and deliver little return.

According to Pandikuthira, referring to the 370Z, “let’s put it this way, in the center of this company we are a group of enthusiasts -I count myself in that list- that you do not want the saga Z dies” […] “so we are trying innovative ways to make sure that we can resurrect this car. Up to now we have not been successful,” [ .. ] “but I believe that there are a lot of very smart people and great scope within the company trying to make that happen”.

To end added that “there is great will, that the series Z does not fall into oblivion”. Following these statements, we can understand two points of view within the company. By one hand we have executives who design the strategy and product plan and on the other hand we have the marketing managers struggling to satisfy the tastes commercial drivers more purists. We hope that these postures to find balance and we can enjoy the saga Z for many more years.

Source – Nissan

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