The next generation of Volkswagen Touareg will be official in Beijing

The current generation Volkswagen Touareg (the second) leads to the sale since the year 2010. For a model in the SUV segment, boxed in the party premium of the market, to take nearly seven years to the sale is a long time, and more when your group brothers, the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, have been fully updated. However, the arrival of his replacement is scheduled for next year, so that your uncover will start very soon.

As it seems, the date and place is chosen to be the next Car show in Beijing, which will be held in the month of April of 2018. That the leaders of the German company have chosen this place for its official presentation it is not a coincidence, since China has become one of the major markets in the world for Volkswagen. In addition, now it will move up in category, they are interested in your all way largest be well received by consumers in the asian country.

To the new Volkswagen Touareg to ascend of category, the designers of the firm will provide you with a similar design to the new Arteon. With this movement want to mark the greatest distance possible with Atlas, the new all-road that have been launched as a complement to the Tiguan in certain markets of the world. Taking into account this detail, the aesthetic of the new Touareg should look like the one that showed the T-Prime Concept that the signature showed in Beijing in 2016.

The main reason for reposition in the market the third generation of the Touareg is because the second has not achieved the sales success that yes had the first. In fact, Volkswagen has ceased its sales in a market as important as the united States, faced with the impossibility of competing with the products of local firms, added to the problem of the Dieselgate).

Will have to see the final design of the model and if it really rises from category to position themselves to the side of his brother, the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. Its range mechanics there is no news, but would not be unreasonable to see some version powered by batteries or even mechanical hybrid to reduce consumption and emissions. The doubts will be resolved in a matter of five months.

Source – Auto News

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