The next Land Rover Defender will not be a mini-Discovery

The cessation in the production of the mythical Land Rover Defender has left us orphans of one of the all-terrain toughest and most effective on the market. However, to develop a substitute that is on your level, the English house is taking more time than we would like. According to the heads of the Tata Group (its owner), the development of such a model assumes a very important investment that you have to monetize in a reasonable time, and that is the issue that you are discussing.

today, it is known that Land Rover will turn 70 years of life in 2018 so all the rumors suggest that it be held as lavish date featuring the new generation of Defender. Up there we can read, because the rest of the news from this model are rumors that do not lead to a clearly evident. However, Gerry McGovern, Chief Creative officer of the brand has made a few statements in the Auto show of Los Angeles that shed some light to this story.

According to McGovern, to justify the investment that the Tata Group has to do to launch the successor of the Defender, you have to talk and create a global model. To justify his words made the following clarification

“let’s face it, the previous Defend a period of 68-year-old sold little more than two million units. If you think of the Evoque, for five or six years have sold more than 700 thousand units in this period”

“it is necessary to recognize the great legacy, to Defend in terms of your ability, in terms of their robustness, their durability, but not necessarily its visual quality”

Continuing with his statements, in terms of the design that could show off the next Defender, McGovern has clarified that will not be a Disvovery in reduced format. His words have been described as the next generation of this model in the following way

“the Defender of modern inspiration from the automaker that manufactured will be modern, fully automated, is a highly technical and futuristic”

Taking into account these words, we could expect anything, but surely Land Rover will not be played the neck with the release of a model so important.

Source – Land Rover

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