The next Mercedes A 45 AMG will exceed 400 HP

Mercedes-AMG A45

there is No doubt of the important performance in terms of sales that is giving Mercedes the range of their smaller models. With these models “small” we refer to the Mercedes A-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA. The mark of the three-pointed star gave an important turn to his philosophy, launching a few models with designs much more daring and sporting, in addition to an extensive range SUV, that has led them to rise in the sales figures.

Despite the fact that we cannot say that the overall quality of finishes of the smaller range is close to its bigger brothers, this series of models has convinced the public. The Class, as well as the Mercedes CLA, the CLA Shooting Brake and the compact SUV GLA, soon had their variants sports signed by AMG. The propeller was a two-liter “doped” to pay 360 HP in the first version, that is become 381 HP few months ago to be introduced in the update of the model.

Mercedes-AMG A45

Mercedes already thinking about the next generation of compact and Auto Express has dared to ask for the versions 45 AMG. He is currently the compact fastest in the market, surpassing in power the Ford Focus RS 350 HP that also has the traction integral as an ally. What’s more normal is that Mercedes will continue the “tradition” of raise the power a few tens of horses and, according to the statements from Tobias Moers, the head of AMG, so be it.

According to a statement that informs Auto Express, Moers would have said that its engineers have the total freedom to develop a new biker from zero. To increase the power of the range of compact sport Mercedes design a new engine, as the current 2-litre would not be able to assimilate a lot more power without compromising the reliability of the same. Our companions asked if the new version would be above 400 HP, what Moers replied, “yes, I think”.

He admitted that maybe there was a gap between the more powerful version that does not has the acronym AMG, currently At 250, and the new top of the range; something similar to what happens, for example, with the AMG C 43 and C 63 AMG. A alternative intermediate also would enjoy a great sportsmanship although at a lower level than the most prestacional. If so, this version could “complicate the life” models such as the Audi S3 or the BMW M140i.

Source – Auto Express

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