The next Mercedes SL will use the platform of the AMG GT

Mercedes SL 2016

Mercedes SL underwent a facelift just a year ago. In spite of this are already beginning to talk about next generation of the roadster, which will be the seventh. And apparently the new model will be based on the same platform as the Mercedes-AMG GT, the sports brand of the star. Specifically, will the structure of the AMG GT Roadster, the version just released that takes a canvas roof.

This decision would have been taken by the German mark because the SL is not among their best selling models and it would be a resource that would save the company money. This would achieve economies of scale more important and the development would be faster, being able to be ready for 2019. It would also mean that the new model would be lighter and that would be an approach that is more sporty.

Mercedes SL 2016

The use of aluminum and carbon fiber would save a few pounds over the current model. To speak which would also be lighter thanks to the adoption of a canvas roof, instead of the hardtop current. It is speculated that could come on body-coupe, but there is nothing confirmed. In addition premiered a new suspension system by adapting the AMG GT. In option it is also possible to provide a pneumatic suspension which strengthens your condition of great luxury tourism.

to range of engines it is still a mystery. Speaking of which will some to be the V8 biturbo 4.0-liter that we have already seen in other models. What is not so clear is whether or not to provide a version with a V12 engine as the SL 65 AMG today. It would be a shame to lose this mechanic that has always accompanied this model. In any case, we will leave doubts in the coming months when you go to getting more information of the new Mercedes SL.

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Class Mercedes SL (R231)

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