The next MINI Countryman will have a hybrid variant plug-in

MINI Countryman híbrido enchufableAlready missing less to get to know the second generation of the MINI Countryman. With the renewal of the SUV will get a very important innovation, there will be a hybrid version plug-in that will be the first in this brand. According to the latest rumors, this model could called Countryman And, although there are still no official confirmation. What is clear is that it will use the same platform as the BMW 225xe Active Tourer.

This means that the Countryman plug-in hybrid will have an engine three-cylinder petrol and 1.5 liter to be merged with another electric motor. In the BMW the joint power of both is 224 HP and 385 Nm pair, although we still don’t know if it will be the same. As a point of reference we can also take your battery of 7.7 kWh is enough to offer a electric range of 41 miles.

MINI Countryman híbrido enchufableMoreover, it is expected that this Countryman E have all-wheel drive, thanks to that gasoline engine will drive the front axle and the electric the rear. You may even be able to reach speeds of 125 km/h in electric mode. They can also serve as a precedent the performance of the BMW 225xe, which is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 202 km/h. On the other hand is the consumption combo, 2.0/2.1 l/100km.

The charging of the batteries it would take 3 hours and 15 minutes in a normal socket, but with a quick charge will reduce the time to one hour. Some of their changes will be a start button in green, a load meter instead of cuentavueltas and other items of this type. The MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid come along, 2017, although we still do not know your exact date of departure.

Source – MINI

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