The next Nissan GT-R will be… what more premium?

Since we have new rumors about the next Nissan GT-R with a peculiar statement in that it points out to us that this new Nissan GT-R could have had an influence in a higher calling premium, doing gala of top finishes, in a spirit more refined.

The current Nissan GT-R will continue to evolve… does anyone dreams already with a version more wild than the Nismo?

Such a statement comes from the hand of himself Hiroshi Tamura, the responsible of the program GT-R. Tamura, in a conversation with Top Gear has pointed out that you want to make the next GT-R a car more premium, with a higher quality, more comfortable and isolated.

in Addition, Tamura has pointed out that the arrival of this new GT-R is not exactly imminent. Still squeeze more to the current generation of the GT-R.

Recall that earlier rumors had indicated that the next GT-R would have the mechanical twin-turbo V6 3-litre cubicaje employed by the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo duly accompanied by a hybrid system.