The next Nissan Leaf could see reduced price in a 30%

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

electric cars are missing two tv news to get them to the market in bulk. Currently the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the only major industrial group has to sell electric models usable by the consumer (we forget about the Citroën C-Zero, Peugeot IOn and Mitsubishi IMiev for her expertise and low autonomy) at a very attractive price. The Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe have hoarded almost all the sales of electric cars in Spain, and if we let the global level, the Leaf is the real king.

Nissan was the brand that laid the first stone, but the rest of the firms want their share of the pie, and therefore not put anything easy. The other day I had that with the acquisition of Mitsubishi on the part of the manufacturer nippon development costs of the new platform for electric vehicles from the Alliance will be reduced significantly. With all of this will be able to reach more markets at the same time to strengthen its position against its competitors.

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

According to several media the use of this platform joint will the price of the electric vehicles of the Alliance are placed at the same level as their gasoline counterparts and diesel fuel. This savings could be calculated more or less accurate in a 30 percent with respect to the price of the current electric models sold.

If this is true, the future Nissan Leaf model (taken as reference) could be Japan by about two million yen or what is the same some 16,000 euros at the current exchange rate. If so, the Nissan Pulsar and the Leaf would be placed at the same height in the market and if in addition the real independence of the future compact electric is good could cause his brother of the combustion to have the hours counted.

so soon the next generation of these models are planned for the beginning of the next decade but drivers interested in this type of cars will be rubbing the hands to be done with one of them.

Source – Car Advice

Nissan Leaf

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