The next Nissan LEAF will have a range exceeding 320 kilometres

NIssan IDS Concept

Nissan IDS Concept

it Seems that Nissan is working hard on its next generation of electric. Currently the Nissan LEAF is a relation between this type of vehicles. At Present the Engine we tested with its new battery of 30 kWh that allows you to have an autonomy of 250 kilometres. However, the next generation could equip a new battery of 60 kWh. The system would be similar to that submitted with the Nissan IDS Concept.

Kazuo Akiko, director of development of electric and hybrids at Nissan, stated that the battery of 60 kWh “will come”. Still we do not know in which period of time, since the manager was apologetic, saying “sorry, I can’t say when.” I did it in the EVS29, an event focused on the electric vehicle, which is being held this week in Montreal (Canada). In any case, it is very good news the confirmation of your arrival.

NIssan IDS Concept

Nissan IDS Concept

One of the biggest concerns of the electric from their first models has always been their limited autonomy. The battery pack of 60 kWh, supposedly would be able to to double the capacity of the current LEAF’s 24 kWh. This implies therefore an increase of their electrical autonomy up to the 340-350 miles (210-220 miles). Will depend on the conditions, but in any case it will be more than 320 kilometers.

In this way, the next generation of the Nissan LEAF would get nearer to rivals and the recently introduced Tesla Model 3 or the Chevrolet Bolt (in Europe Opel Ampera-e). Akiko was also very optimistic with the future of this type of vehicles, adding that “in the near future, I believe that we will be able to produce an electric car that does not have problems of autonomy“. We will have to wait to see if it is right or not.

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