The next Renault Clio will have hybrid technology


The new Renault Clio will be equipped with the technology Hybrid Assist

Renault thinks to equip the fifth-generation of Clio hybrid technology, although it may not be as you are imagining. The utilitarian French will have the possibility to install in your entrails a “Hybrid Assist” derived from that presented in the new Renault Scenic.

This means that the Renault Clio will be available with mechanical gasoline and diesel in combination with this Wizard Hybrid that will help in great measure to to reduce the levels of consumption and emissions, in addition to providing greater driving pleasure.

Hybrid Assist Renault is not a hybridization of conventional

however, the manufacturer has warned that the new Clio is not going to receive any option hybrid plug-in because with this technology, to make too much out of the price of sale taking into account the range in which it moves. The batteries are still very expensive for what prescindirán of these mechanics in vehicles of smaller size as long as it remains so.


The Eolab Concept will influence both its aesthetic and technology

The Wizard Hybrid of the Clio will be similar to the new Scenic and Megane, it is a support system, as its name indicates, that unlike a conventional hybrid requires that the combustion engine is always in operation. Combines a propeller diesel 1.5 dCi of 110 HP with an electric system of 48 volt located behind the seats that will help the engine at certain times, never be able to run in electric-only mode.

The new Renault Clio will also benefit from certain features already seen in the Renault Eolab Concept as the active aerodynamic and lightweight construction that mixes high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and thermoplastics. The prototype presented last year came to consume only 1.0 l/100 km.

the current generation of the Clio will still have a few more years before you retire so that we will still have to wait enough to see the first mules circulating in our section of spy photos.