The next Renault or Nissan that you purchase could be semi-autonomous (in the style of Autopilot Tesla)

driving autonomous is the great workhorse technology of all the manufacturers. Almost no one wants to stay out of a war that may one day completely transform the automotive industry, and to convert a private car into something completely different to what we knew so far. There is still much to that day in our cars to give up, entirely, of the driver. In the meantime we will see cars capable of circular, each time more and more, without the need of a driver and we’ll see how many tasks that until now were the responsibility of the driver, shall be delegated to the technology. And that is why the Renault-Nissan alliance has just announced that in 2020 will offer a range of more than ten models semi-autonomous. But what does it mean to be semi-autonomous?

If we stick to the exact description that you provide to us from Renault and Nissan, this will be the roadmap that will continue the automation of the driving of the alliance between the French manufacturer and its japanese brother.

In 2016 will be released the conduction system automated on a single lane, that allow you to automate to our car movements of steering wheel, accelerator and brake on motorways and highways, including traffic jams. It is something like an advanced version of cruise control, which is similar to the one that you already have released some cars. In any case the driver shall remain at the controls, and may not neglect the ride, or drop the steering wheel (although your car is able to rotate automatically) for issues of legal regulations.


  • In 2020, Nissan and Renault already offer a system of driving semi-autonomous able to circulate in the city, and a lane change and the direction in intersections.

    In 2018 will reach a most advanced system, which will be able to change lanes to perform overtaking or to avoid dangers. This system could well be equated with Autopilot Tesla.

    In 2020 we will see a version even more advanced of this technology, you will be able to move without driver intervention in urban roads, even in traffic jams, changing lanes and steering, by turning in the intersections.

    In 2020 would be available in showrooms more than ten models, Renault, Nissan, and Infiniti (which we also can not forget about the section of the luxury japanese manufacturer), equipped with any of these technologies. All of them have been developed jointly among research and development teams of the different brands in Japan, France and the united States.

    Source: Nissan | Renault
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