The next Suzuki Swift Sport will say goodbye to the engine’s maximum torque, and a big part of your personality

Suzuki Swift Sport is one of the few unique cars that are on the market. A sport-utility as before, that based on their lightness, and in making his point the fun at the wheel, rather than the raw power. It only has 136 HP, from an engine 1.6 maximum torque that tour beyond 7,000 rpm. And everything indicates that the next generation of Suzuki Swift will say goodbye forever to the air intake, which will be replaced by a turbo engine of small displacement. Yes friends, the downsizing is to blame again.

The Suzuki Swift Sport currently uses a 1.6 engine maximum power of 136 HP and higher rpm of rotation.

Not I’m going to deny. The Suzuki Swift Sport is a special car for me. With one I lost my virginity at the Nürburgring six years ago, and for a price of 15.995€, is the GTI cheaper than you can buy currently. new generation is just around the corner, and we’ve already seen some téasers. Aesthetically there is not much to reproach the little Suzuki. Evolves favorably with respect to the current Swift and in addition exalting their personality traits unique. What’s under the hood we don’t like as much.

Nuevo_Suzki_Vitara_DM_2015_40Say goodbye to the 1.6 a maximum power of 136 HP and it will be replaced by a 1.4 BoosterJet of 140 HP. This turbocharged engine has already debuted in the Suzuki Vitara, which is now a crossover instead of an suv. While I have no objections to their inclusion in a todocamino, the subcompact japanese will lose that which is his main mark of identity. ended up stretching the gear change until 7,500 rpm, gone is the simplicity and the mechanical was the end of his character purist. I’ll paint it very black, but the Suzuki Swift Sport will not be a bad car.

Thanks to a lightweight construction premiered at the new Suzuki’s is Positioned, your weight will go down with clearance of 1,000 kilograms, and its manual gearbox should be as fantastic as it always was. The same could be said of their dynamic. It will be a good car, but it will not be so different of a SEAT Ibiza FR or a Opel Adam S, both with engines 1.4 turbo of similar power. On the other hand, maybe a turbo engine would help to boost their testimonials sales. How may be rescued from the clutches of oblivion by the BoosterJet?

swift-sportI don’t know, but I will always remember passing roaring by the Carousel at more than 6,500 rpm with a small Swift of the atmosphere. The immediacy of the power delivery, the smoothness of one simple milseiscientos.

Source: Coach